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Thrivent Action Teams

Our Donelson community is facing a major problem with food insecurities, caused specifically by all the consequences of Covid-19. Partnering with our local Second Harvest Food Bank at St. Philips Episcopal Church, each month, we are soliciting donations of specific food items from our members and the community to help those in need.

Since we do not have a building to drop off these items during our Church services, as we did before last year’s tornado, we will be collecting those donations once a month on Sundays. Tentatively, we are designating the first Sunday of the month, from 2-3pm, for people to drop off their food items.

Come join us in donating these items each month to help our neighbors in need.

Monthly Second Harvest Food Bank Giving

Monthly Giving

Blessing Bags

These Blessing Bags are given out to those in need on the street corners of our Nashville community. The note in the Blessing Bag says, "You are loved and you matter to me. God!" Having been blessed by God, this is an additional way we are striving to be a blessing to everyone.

Beth Bags

Realizing that all homeless people aren't men, these "Beth Bags", filled with feminine hygiene items, are for our homeless sisters in need. These bags are in honor and memory of Beth Conover who had a compassionate heart for all those in need and sometimes forgotten.

Blessing Box Host Site

St. John's is proud to be a Blessing Box Host Site. This ministry is provided by and for our Donelson community of Nashville. The purpose of the Blessing Box is for our community to "Take as you need" and "Give as you are able." The items for the Blessing Box are: non-perishable food items, baby foods and diapers, hygiene supplies, and during the wintry cold months: blankets, sweat shirts, etc. Please help us to be a "blessing" to all those in need.

fifth_sunday_brick 1

5th Sunday Breakfast

When there is a 5th Sunday in the month, members of St. John’s gather at St. Paul Lutheran Church in North Nashville to cook and provide dinner for the women and children of the Women’s Shelter in North Nashville.

Room-In-the-Inn (RITI)

During the cold wintry months of November through March, we open our doors to the homeless men, women, and children 2-3 times per month. We provide a warm place to stay, a wonderful home-cooked meal, TV and fellowship time, laundry care, a goody-bag of toiletry items, breakfast, and sack lunch to go. During the hot summer months, we donate hundreds of cases of water.


Partnership with Two Rivers Middle School

As a Community Partner with Two Rivers, we help provide hundreds of bags of food for their students to take home for weekends and breaks during the school year. We also donate school supplies and clothing. We also have members playing an active role in Two Rivers Reading Clinic.

Community Giving Garden

During the growing months of April through October we grow vegetables that are donated to our local Second Harvest Food Bank at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church



On Monday nights during the school year, we provide tutoring opportunities for the children of local elementary schools.

This Ministry has been put on hold until our Church building is rebuilt!

Second Harvest Food Bank

St. John’s collects food donations weekly for Nashville’s Second Harvest Food Bank. Please click on the link below to see how we are making a difference by helping to feed people in our community.


Food For the Poor

Through our Partnership with "Food For The Poor" we were blessed to build two homes for families in Petite Guinee, Limbe, Haiti. Please welcome the "Joseph" and "Cherenfant" families to our St. John's family. For more information about "Food For The Poor", here is a link to their website:
Here is a YouTube link to the life in Haiti:
Blessed to be a Blessing.

Guatemala Ministry

We are blessed to help provide School Supplies to children in Guatemala. One of our members, Susan, spends each summer helping to teach children the various barrios of Cubuco.

Guatemala Ministry

Snack Bag Food Items for the Children in our Community
Pot-tarts, variety of lunch-size chips, granola bars, fruit bars, chewy bars, peanut butter/cheese
crackers, fruit snacks, raisins, rice Krispy treats, juice boxes, Vienna sausages, single serving
Chef-Boyardee, Ravioli, etc. (pop-top cans).

Food Items for the Homeless in Our Community
Ramen noodles, Chunky soups, Canned fruit (items in plastic containers can leak, so metal cans
are preferred, Chili with beans, Ravioli or other pastas in cans, Canned Tuna and Chicken, Spam,
Vienna Sausages, Saltine and Ritz crackers, Peanut Butter in small jars, Snack crackers–peanut butter, Chewy granola bars, Slim-Jims

The List of Living Supplies for the Homeless in our Community
Bug Spray, Hand sanitizer, Masks, AAA batteries

We are blessed to offer many ways to help those in need in our community. To see how you can become involved in one or many of these ministries, please click on the link below.

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