Wednesday Morning Bible Study

The Psalms
Beginning on January 9, our Wednesday Morning Bible Study will be delving into the Psalms. The word "Psalm" is translated as, song. We will hear and learn that the purpose of Psalms was, and is, are songs addressed to God - that speak of God’s loving purpose for the world; to speak words of complaints; to confess sins; to shout cries of the sick and dying; and, to shout praises during times of overwhelming grace.
Through our study, we will see, and learn more about, the awareness of God’s grace; who always acted first throughout history, in the lives of all, for the sake of all. We will see God’s grace extended to all people to bring everyone hope and peace in their lives by learning to know and trust in God’s mercy and grace for the world.
We meet from 10:00-11:30am in the Conference Room. Please drive around and park in the back parking lot. Following our study, we have a time of Prayer and end with Holy Communion. Come join us. All are welcome.

God’s grace is seen throughout Kings as God continues to forgive God’s people because of God’s covenantal relationship and that the Davidic Dynasty would endure forever. God’s grace is also seen by the many prophets God continued to send to help Israel and Judah repent.

We gather in our Fellowship Hall. Our class time is 10:00am-11:30 and is followed by a time a prayer and worship with Holy Communion. Come join us.

Congregation Book Study: "Revelation"

St. John’s Congregation Book Study - Beginning on January 6

The Book of Revelation!

For many, The Book of Revelation is very difficult to understand! It can be very scary: fearing being "left behind"; not being "one of 144,000", the "rapture", the battle of Armageddon, etc. I believe Revelation is very misunderstood! I further believe Revelation can be very freeing and give us a greater picture of God’s amazing grace; giving and filling us with greater hope and peace for our lives, to best live our lives, as we await Christ’s triumphant and glorious return.

We will meet in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings following worship, 10:30-11:30. I hope you will join us as we continue to learn and know more about God’s amazing grace to help us best live our lives of faith. This will be great study to invite a friend to join us.

Pastor Rick


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