Wednesday Morning Bible Study

The Book of Samuel discusses the important transitional period of Israel moving from being ruled by Judges to a monarchic constitution ruled by kings. Samuel is more than just a history lesson of God’s people. It is filled with interest and inspiration. As important is it is to see Samuel’s virtues, King Saul’s defects, and King David’s success, the book is more concerned about God’s activities during this phase of Israel’s growth. Our discussion in Samuel will focus on four actions of God:
1. God overrules in human affairs and plays an active role
2. God always acts in the best interests of God’s people.
3. God designs appropriate leadership for God’s people.
4. God is present with God’s people, frequently revealing his presence to them
We gather in our Fellowship Hall. Our class time is 10:00am-11:30 and is followed by a time a prayer and worship with Holy Communion. Come join us.

Pastor Rick's Sunday School Class: The Epistles of John!

The Epistles of John focuses on two main themes: belief in Jesus Christ and love for one another. These themes are so interrelated it is nearly impossible for them to be treated separately. For the author, those themes focus on God’s love for the world through Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Through that act of love the author declares that "God is Love", and writes to us, to live lives of love for all people as our response to God’s love. This study is designed to help us know the love of God for the world, all people, through Jesus. It will help us to know the importance of being in community with one another to help us learn, grow, and be nurtured, together, in the faith God give to us. Ultimately, this study is designed to help us best live our lives of faith knowing God abides in us, and in all people; helping us all to imitate God’s Love in our walks of faith. We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30. Come join us. All are welcome.

Pastor Rick


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