Wednesday Morning Bible Study


Even though the Bible has 1 & 2 Kings, originally it was written as one book. Along with 1 & 2 Samuel, also originally written as one book; they relate the whole history of the monarchy, from its rise under the ministry of Samuel to its fall to the hands of the Babylonians. We will see their "fall" was caused by not being faithful to Yahweh, following other gods, even to the extreme of sacrificing their children to God. One of the purposes for Kings was to help God’s people accept responsibility for their wrongdoing and in effect confess their sins; casting themselves on the mercy of God.

God’s grace is seen throughout Kings as God continues to forgive God’s people because of God’s covenantal relationship and that the Davidic Dynasty would endure forever. God’s grace is also seen by the many prophets God continued to send to help Israel and Judah repent.

We gather in our Fellowship Hall. Our class time is 10:00am-11:30 and is followed by a time a prayer and worship with Holy Communion. Come join us.

Congregation Book Study: "What is The Bible" by Rob Bell.

So if you’re reading this preface wondering if this is another one of those religious books that’s going to try to sign you up and convert you at the end, or it’s going to have all kinds of insider language for those in the know, this isn’t that book. This is a book about a library of books dealing with loss, anger, transcendence, worry, empire, money, fear, stress, joy, doubt, grace, healing, and who doesn’t want to talk about those?

You’ll see in these passages, the Bible if filled with people wrestling and struggling and doubting and shouting and arguing with this idea that there even is a god, let alone some sort of divine being who is on our side. If you have a hard time swallowing the god talk you’ve heard over the years, great - this book is for you, because these are exactly the kinds of things the writers of the Bible are dealing with in their writings.

We meet at 10:30 in the Fellowship Hall. Come Join Us!


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