Adult Sunday School   10:15am - 11:15am

St. John’s Faith Formation Ministry

Beginning on Sunday, November 6, we will begin a new Faith Formation Class on: What we believe as Lutheran Christians. We will discuss the following: The world in which Martin Luther lived, how God led him to begin the Reformation, and how our beliefs are helping us to live and share the "good news" of God's love for the world through Jesus Christ. Come join us as we learn more about our beliefs and how those beliefs are helping us to "reform" our lives and our world.

Pastor Rick

Wednesday Morning ZOOM Bible Study: The Epistles of John; 10:00-11:30

Beginning on November 16, 2022, we will begin a study on the Epistles of John.

The Epistles of John focuses on two main themes: belief in Jesus Christ and love for one another. These themes are so interrelated it is nearly impossible for them to be treated separately. For the author, those themes focus on God’s love for the world through Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins. Through that act of love the author declares that "God is Love", and writes to us, to live lives of love for all people as our response to God’s love. This study is designed to help us know the love of God for the world, all people, through Jesus. It will help us to know the importance of being in community with one another to help us learn, grow, and be nurtured, together, in the faith God give to us. Ultimately, this study is designed to help us best live our lives of faith knowing God abides in us, and in all people; helping us all to imitate God’s Love in our walks of faith.

We meet In-person at St. John’s, downstairs in our Conference Room (please park around back). We also meet on ZOOM. Here is the ZOOM Link:

Meeting ID: 898 2061 6687  Passcode: 273055

One tap mobile +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

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Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Monday Evening ZOOM Discussion/Learning Opportunity:

We are taking a short hiatus. We will be back soon.

Wednesday Evening ZOOM Bible Study/Worship


Each Wednesday we discuss at least one of the Bible Readings for the upcoming Sunday worship. This is a wonderful way to learn more about God’s Word, to prepare for Sunday’s worship, and to focus on God’s will for our lives. Come join us for this short time of learning; helping us to best live our lives of faith. We also have a time of Prayer and celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. All are welcome.

You are invited to join us for our ZOOM Bible Study. If you want to join us, please email Pastor Rick at