If you are looking for a Church Home, a faith community grounded on the foundation of Jesus Christ, who loved, welcomed, accepted, and forgave all people; you are invited to join us at St. John’s and experience the "good news" of God’s Amazing Grace.

After the tornado on March 3, 2020

The Future?     Stay Tuned!

Our walls have been rebuilt. Our roofs have been rebuilt and shingled, and bricking is about to begin. The next phase will be to redo all the insides so we can occupy those areas. We are in the process of designing what our new sanctuary will look like. That building part won't begin for a while.


After what seems like forever, while at the same time only yesterday, we are about to begin the rebuilding of our Church facility. All the architectural and construction drawings will be completed and given to our Construction Company for final pricing by October 6, 2021. At that time, they can begin getting code approvals and building permits. So exciting!!!

Due to the extreme increases of building supplies, at this time, we are able to rebuild everything, except, our sanctuary. As you can see the drawing below, our worship space will be in our Fellowship Hall. It will easily accommodate our needs for worship. To emphasize the importance of our children, we made many changes to upgrade our Children’s Sunday School area.

If there is one thing we have learned, and are still learning throughout this tornado/pandemic process, the Church is NOT about a building. The Church is about what God is doing through the people. Over the past year and a half, we have greatly increased our "Compassion" outreach ministry to help those less fortunate in our community; please check our Facebook page to see all we’re doing. We have become known as "The Church without Walls." With all the divisive problems in our world, this time of Exodus has also helped to begin a much-needed Faith Formation Ministry for our members; helping us to best lives our lives in the midst of all the problems in our world.

We are extremely excited to begin the physical rebuilding of our Church facility. We are more excited about seeing where God will be leading us. We want to thank everyone for supporting us.

Outside View of our Church Rebuild Design



We are so blessed to have begun the final stage of our rebuild. If all goes well, we will be in our buildings by late this summer. Yay! As much as we have learned, and continue to learn, "The Church is not about a building; it is all about what God is doing: in, with, among, and through the people", we are extremely excited to begin this final stage. We are ready to be back in our building. We are ready to have a place to best coordinate God’s ministry of love, for all, in our community.

We want to say a very heartfelt, Thank You, for all the prayers and support everyone has given us over the past two years.


Sunday ZOOM Worship - 9:00am
Sunday School - 10:15am

Sunday In-Person at St. Philips Episcopal Church at Noon
Wednesday ZOOM Worship - 6:30pm

For a ZOOM link, please email Pastor Rick: pastorricksjlc@bellsouth.net. All Are Welcome

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